The 2010 section of the table to the wonderful fresh air

        from the beginning of the April,, two Swiss Watch Fair rallied again, brought a new watch see things in a blur. They are no longer confined to the classic or entry-level these conservative choice, but in the material, function, size have a new change signal: fine

from the beginning of the April, two Swiss Watch Fair rallied again, brought a new watch see things in a blur. They are no longer confined to the classic or entry-level these "conservative choice", but in the material, function, size have a new change signal: stainless steel material again is widely used, so that more consumers choose the clock entry; in large size swept so many years, the traditional size watch will be more popular in this year; and women’s table, each big brand is not only the heavy appearance, and both practical and functional, offers a variety of options for more love table female consumers.

The traditional

size watch boom

the past years, the large size watch especially popular. Before for Chinese men, surface diameter 38mm even the most appropriate size, now casually a table size is more than 40mm, the 42~45mm into a design very ordinary, even thin women, wrist often rock rock wearing a watch a size large. Cool is really cool, but many traditional consumers, hovering in the 36~38mm. The new table trend this year,chanel replica, will be re scaled to size "ideal digital" has become one of the most sensible and rational regression.

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The diameter of

=38mm www,

Patek Philippe

(Patek Philippe)

Ref.5170 Watch


appeared in the BASELWORLD, manual on the chain guide pillar round chronograph movement CH 29-535 PS with 6 patents, and even said chronograph, can also with classic and vintage such strong temperament. 39mm, 18K gold case, rectangular button has been with Patek Philippe chronograph watch passed 70 years, Calatrava design legend, opened the round men’s age, every detail of this above, let you back in the 30’s.

The diameter of


Vacheron Constantin

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Supermodel catwalk Xiu Baoji noble gorgeous expensive new table

        supermodel catwalk Xiu Baoji noble gorgeous luxury watch brand new table, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches watches brand Breguet (Breguet) across the third Century long classic brand history, beginning with its classic design and superb technology leading the table agitation hitherto! Whenever the Breguet launched a new watch,finest-swiss-watch, must shake table,, lead coquettish! As the end of the year, Breguet six all-new masterpiece finally in the leading table fans hope of elegant appearance,, on the 18 day especially in Far Eastern Hotel held a meeting, Erin Cai Shuzhen model,, Shatina Chen et al. Show please, show gorgeous and noble temperament, luxurious light gentry ladies loved.

Tiansuo extraordinary creativity, derived from traditional

        Tissot: extraordinary creativity, derived from traditional name,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, Tissot fusion sapphire watches 150 years of creative and traditional Swiss watchmaking technology, is the leader in the Swiss watch industry. Its goal is to provide the gold silver price to the public of the watch. Tissot except people talked about sport series,, the classic gold watch and pocket watch it enjoys high reputation in the watch industry.   Rapunzel series           the creation of this series can be regarded as a watch manufacturing the first time in history, Tiansuo designed a new gold watch styles. Watch from the frilly gold pattern composition, from gold manufacturing, rose red, white and gold in three colors. Like the braids pattern as the strap is very light and soft, let a person fondle admiringly, but also have very strong resistance,, can also change the shape with the wrist. A smaller rectangular stones inlaid with the version now also began to market, there are two nodes in the central part of plait table, just like the fairy tale princess hairstyle, which is also the source of this watch name.  

[] watches watches collection prices only rise or

        high-end watches have become the identity of the buyer showing off luxury fashion, since its own table. Table function has is not only convenient timing, more as a reflection of the status of the buyer, worth. Many stars, millionaire shall pay heavily to buy brand-name watches, in order to reflect the



high-grade watches become buyers show the identity of the luxury fashion,       since its own table. Table function has is not only convenient timing, more as a reflection of the status of the buyer,, worth. Many stars,, millionaire shall pay heavily to buy brand-name watches, in order to reflect their own value. At present, there are relatively well-known Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Pigeut, universal, Blancpain, count, Cartire, Jaeger Le Coulter, Rolex, PERREGAUX and other brands,, high quality movement and classic appearance of these watches have, not only to bring buyers value embodied, more make watches as the historical value and significance of the collection.

Switzerland has always been to produce high-grade watches known to the world,       well-known. The Swiss watch sales all over the world, popular favor from all walks of life, so the Swiss watch has become almost synonymous with watches, it is worth mentioning that more nearly every year Swiss watch brands will have 5%-10% price. 2006 in the Swiss brand price driven, watches auction prices began to rise. In 2006, Christie’s auction, a model 1463 Patek Philippe stainless steel chronograph watch, made a HK $910000 price, another lady’s 18K Gold Diamond Bracelet Watch oval to 2580000 Hong Kong dollar transactions.

this table has more than 900 members, 24 functions,         this is not the most expensive in 1933 an American banker to the Patek Philippe custom a watch. And precise travel time to 2100, is the world’s most complex watch. Until 1941, the banker had to watch. It is said that this watch design time only spent 3 years and spent 5 years to finish the. After 66 years, the last 8 years just to "grind" to watch for $11002500 aspect take field, breaking the 1998 one of the "18 karat gold perpetual calendar three ask bag table" to create the 19600000 Hong Kong dollar record.

is currently the main collection of collectors two,         from the collection >

[watch] involved in golf swing movement maintenance etc. How to maintain Watch

        in order to make up for the golf can not wear form defect, watches with love puzzles and golf. Many watch manufacturers spare no effort to develop professional golf watch, and now the golf lovers can have both fish and bear’s paw. The 80% high-end watches master


in order to make up for the golf can not wear form defect,       watch with love puzzles and golf. Many watch manufacturers spare no effort to develop professional golf watch,, and now the golf lovers can have both fish and bear’s paw.

80% high-end watches are the masters of golf’s faithful followers,       according to statistics. But it must be in before the end off the beloved watches, the reason is very simple: senior watch not golf club rivals. A lot of people playing a ball down, found his watch to strike without stop complaining about the business, did not know: the impact force moment generated swing will make gossamer tied together, cause the watch Piankuai even stop; impact if again big some, gossamer have out from May gossamer pile, shock absorber spring is easy to fall off, variable speed needle position, these issues impact on the speed control system of this period is fatal, especially summarizes five suggestions love watches for you:

sauna fitness, the hill across the river can do. In fact, the more expensive watch,       a proposal: do not mistakenly think the more expensive the more sturdy table. The need to cherish, more should avoid all unnecessary damage.


then put the skins on the ball car. If you have too much trouble,,       recommendation two: a lot of people playing will be equipped with professional skin to loading table. Also can turn the tables on your belt, or put it in T-shirt’s pocket.

usually hits a ball in the sun for four hours. But some watch dial is easy in the sun discoloration,       recommendation three: golf is inseparable from the sun. Especially the varnished dial. Once the dial color, very beautiful effect, if replaced, not only cumbersome and expensive. Therefore, the strong sunshine days off, remember that as you watch the sun shading.

Radar new platinum processing ceramic series chronograph watch (map)

        radar new platinum processing ceramic series chronograph watch (pictured) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watch the upcoming 2009 Basel Watch Fair, attracted many watch brand, to celebrate this grand festival,, each big brand also introduced new works. Radar new ceramic series using a unique coating technology, platinum processing special matte material RADO TRUE CHRONOGRAPH movement: quartz ETA251.262 gems: Ruby features: 27, minutes,, seconds, date and stopwatch timing case: Matt platinum treated ceramic mirror: convex sapphire crystal dial: gray,, Dianbai coating pointer: grey band: Matt platinum titanium color ceramic three folding clasp

Fashion OMEGA planet ocean form the global offering

        Fashion: OMEGA planet ocean table global sale of watches brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches European global reputation, by the gentleman socialite favorite famous Swiss watch brand OMEGA grand launch of the new hippocampal watch series – Ocean cosmos watches, fashion design perfect interpretation of the three classic styles, which is also the first time in the OMEGA hippocampus diving table using its proprietary series coaxial escapement,, but also makes the ocean cosmos unique light. OMEGA Seamaster series marine universe watch is designed with the 1957 birth of the first generation of hippocampus series watches come down in one continuous line of 300 meters. OMEGA the same year also introduced the iron PA and Legendary Super Series, shared with the OMEGA classic design of the three series, including watchcase contrast amazing to different polishing techniques made strong. Bezel design of marine Universe Watch unique, in the 50’s,, the hippocampus series 300 meters watches for inspiration, and injected into the forward-looking elements of fashion, to watch set elegance and Avantgarde in a body. Delicate and thoughtful designer create two size slightly different watches to choose from (the diameter of 45.5 mm or 42 mm), the larger a stressed Hale sense of movement, while the smaller a focus on handmade fine pit for the pursuit of fashion, to create a dynamic female body. Table circle on the polished aluminum ring 1/3 is consistent, OMEGA shows the noble qualities. In addition, the 2/3 part has a subtle black or passionate orange for selection. In the deep orange gorgeous eye-catching, even in deep sea diving can still clear reading time. Table circle can be one-way rotation, the first 15 minutes per minute scale, and subsequently from the start in 20 minutes, every 10 minutes with digital scale, in 12 position with a triangular luminous display sign. Other diving watches with also includes internal rotation type crown and helium valve, exhaust valve position in helium 10 specially engraved with "He" raised (chemical symbol font helium). Rows of helium valve helps when diving for helium particles pressure infiltration watch discharge in the buck, so as to enhance the protection of the watch. Internal rotation type chassis can guarantee the watch is water resistant to a depth of 600 meters. A stereo luminous hour markers, marine Universe Watch black paint on the dial and 6, 9, 12 when the position is a Arabia digital, 3 position with calendar display window. Time, the triangular arrow seconds pointer is also available in a luminous coating, and the end of the second hand orange more time reading resolution enhancement. Marine Universe Watch with OMEGA unique 2500 coaxial escapement, 48 hours of energy storage. Movement is used by OMEGA that the world’s leading proprietary technology coaxial escapement system ho. It greatly reduced the movement of friction parts,, make smooth operation is stable, so as to ensure the accurate operation of watches for a long time. All movements with rhodium plated and screw grinding, and decorated with Geneva corrugated and gilded carvings,, and the sealing of the all steel chassis is engraved with a table name marine universe, OMEGA logo and symbol of the hippocampus hippocampus relief series. OMEGA Seamaster series marine yu.

Grace to conquer all the Longines Watch

        grace to conquer all the Longines watch watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watches from the initial choice of positioning, to win support among the people of today "elegant", with a history of 176 years, Longines table so far conquered the world many people love table heart. Longines table interpretation of "elegance" is what? For women, elegance is a kind of temperament, a kind of inner cultivation; to a man it is elegant, more focused on the internal, such as experience, wisdom, conversation etc.. In the Basel World2008 exhibition, we had favour to interview Longines global CEO Hokeno (Walter  Von, Kaenel) is not only a glimpse of 2008 listed the new style, the more chance to thoroughly understand Longines table after a hundred years after precipitation of brand essence. The watch is an endowed with special souvenir LIFE STYLE: do you think the end is a watch what baby? Hokeno (hereinafter referred to as Huo): watch just read time tool, it is one is endowed with a special souvenir. Watch timer function in slowly fading by watch and remember the next moment in history or historical event is gradually enlarged. For example, in 1912 the Longines table to create a historic moment in the world games; for the flight home even pull (Lindbergh) first solo across the Atlantic to calculate flight time, followed by more in accordance with design even pull manufacturing Hour angle navigation watch; in 1979, Longines cooperation with other brands of watches and clocks, developed a "Feuille D" Or "watch, to become the world’s most thin quartz watch; the 1984 launch of the famous Conquest watches,, equipped with a highly accurate movement, all of this can explain the watch is not only read time tool,, it’s more a matter of were given a special souvenir. Another example of this year launched Longines table even pull commemorative edition engraved table, not only the function of full replication, and the table cover can be opened, with a pocket watch nature, if you have a special feeling to the flight table, it must be your rare treasures. Longines advocating mainstream fashion LIFE STYLE: what do you think is the Longines table can move most Chinese consumers? Huo: of course is the mainstream". Classic is a fashion, but is always the fashion. And what is the classic, that is "the mainstream". "If you want to display a noble, you can choose to have the Royal origin watches; if you want to fashion, there are a lot of Fanshio table available…… But if you want the most elegant of the mainstream, it should buy Longines watches!" Standing business perspective, only under market segmentation. So, in the beginning we decided to focus Longines table eventually locked for "elegant", and the location of the target group expanded to young gens. We have also introduced a fashionable sport watch in 2008, to join the black gray ceramic materials, not only the continuation of the elegant,, also let watch wear.

Simon Yam interpretation of the new OMEGA wrist watch

        Simon Yam interpretation of the new OMEGA watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches OMEGA Shanghai Yongan department store flagship store grand opening Simon Yam play 007 perfect interpretation of "James bond" of new watches in Shanghai in October 22, 2006, worldwide famous Swiss watch brand OMEGA in Shanghai Yongan department store held its Fifth stores in Shanghai flagship store opening ceremony. OMEGA Hong Kong and mainland market director Ms. Zheng Meiling, Chinese District Sales Manager Mr. Yang Hua and has just won the Hongkong Film Golden Bauhinia Award "winner" the laurel of celebrity OMEGA ambassador, Asian famous film star Simon Yam Mr. attended the opening ceremony and ribbon cutting ceremony, together witness OMEGA in the vigorous development of China Market another exciting moment. OMEGA China District Sales Manager Mr. Yang Hua said in his opening remarks: "this year in June, OMEGA held a ‘goddess of the rainbow’ watch limited edition of the world’s ceremony in Shanghai, and invited a celebrity OMEGA Ambassador — Nicole? Kidman first visited Chinese, become OMEGA into the China market 111 anniversary of the most eye-catching landmark event. Time changes of more than a century, created a brand watches the immortal legend,, has also witnessed the brilliant achievements made in the Chinese OMEGA on the market. So far, we have established 28 flagship stores in Chinese. Today the grand opening of the OMEGA Shanghai fifth flagship store again proved that OMEGA China constant commitment to consumers!" Shanghai Yongan department store was founded in 1918, as "a typical building of Chinese commercial first street" Nanjing Road, has gone through nearly 90 years of ups and downs. In the new century,, new Yongan department store attracted in many world famous high-end brand, its sense of history and modern sense will thaw in one of the operating style of a perfect fit OMEGA classic and fashion brand spirit add radiance and beauty to each other. OMEGA Shanghai Yongan department store flagship store will provide OMEGA’s full range of products for the distinguished customers, including constellation, hippocampus, GP and Ville watch, as well as the flagship store exclusive products. The shop has a professional repair service center to provide a high level of professional service to OMEGA customers. Meanwhile, OMEGA’s luxury jewelry series will also shine in the flagship store. The opening ceremony of the emergence of a mysterious character, has the cool appearance of "him", he circulated among all the extraordinary momentum, impressive. This is used in each of the 007 films in the OMEGA watch. After the opening ceremony, Mr. Simon Yam unexpectedly to 007 costume, opened a 007 film series OMEGA watch retrospective veil to the distinguished guests. OMEGA and the 007 film first cooperation is 1995 shooting of "golden eye",, in the subsequent "tomorrow never dies" (1997),, "identity crisis" (1999), "see you tomorrow" (2002) and in November of this year will be a grand release of "Casino Royale", the two sides have maintained good relations of cooperation. James bond in the film?.

Large + ceramic radar brand new this year two highlights

        super + ceramic radar brand new this year two highlights the brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, 2006 Basel international watch and Jewellery Show sapphire watches have recently in Swiss Basel falls next heavy curtain. It is reported, the radar continues to introduce multiple new watches in the current exhibition. Large watches and high-tech ceramic material continues to be the biggest bright spot of the new radar, and these latest watches will be listed in the domestic. Sapphire crystal cover the Silver Diamond super oversized mechanical watches drilling super large series of successful in silver, radar and introduced new silver drill mechanical watches. Transparent sapphire crystal cover another perspective,, automatic movement take in everything in a glance. Case and bracelet used is not easy to wear high-tech ceramic material shine more brightly,, complemented with observation window, the entire watch delicate fresh. The precision ceramics "chronometer" really drill series new Rado precision ceramic "chronometer" really drill series, platinum watchcase clear-cut,, inlaid with 24 diamonds, shining. Robust design without losing the mellow, and preparation for fashionable ladies tailor. Dial has three kinds of gorgeous color options, respectively is the unrestrained jujube red, passionate and fashionable white pine green. White diamond edge and is made up by Arabia digital platinum gold — 12 point, 4 point and 8 point scale and pointer. The precision ceramics really drill series limited edition color layout, the passion, it is love at first sight, this is the Rado latest masterpiece — precision ceramic really drill purple passion series (Integral  Jubilé "Purple-Passion") character. The watch table section consists of color made of high-tech ceramics, comfortable to wear. As with other styles of precision ceramic series, one streamlined design high-tech materials and chain delicate, it feels light and smooth. And high-tech ceramics can ensure that the "beautiful shiny purple passion" is not the time to wear. Sapphire crystal mirror protection seamless combination with a case, and the metal coating decorative crystal mirror color coordinated to highlight the whole watches the bright lines. Dial four diamond distribution on the soft matte silver background, and forty small diamonds in the case on both sides of the scintillation crystal. Also equipped with a medium style calendar window display. Limited edition series is available in two sizes: small (limited edition of 700 pieces) and m (limited edition of 300). RADO.TRUE I really new series RADO.TRUE me series of pure beauty and innovation of material perfect fusion, is the epitome of cutting-edge technology and outstanding shape, made of high-tech ceramics by perfect. In the creation process of RADO.TRUE,, radar table successfully for high-tech ceramics using opened two new technologies: high tech ceramics Satin matte and decorative patterns, is the world’s first. The circle is the infinite and eternal symbol of the new RADO.TRUE watch series is round. Ceramic bracelet seamless combination of ceramic case and delicate articulated, durable properties of ceramic materials;