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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; bubble net software channel April 18 whenever some popular movie release, Microsoft always windows7 user bring some beautifully memorable themes,, not long ago just with the movie "Rio adventure" released new theme recently with the popular movie "Kung Fu Panda 2"< p > Hubble bubble net software channel April 18,, whenever some popular movie release, Microsoft always windows7 user bring some beautifully memorable themes,
chopard watch, not long ago just with the movie "Rio adventure" released new theme, recently with the hit film "Kung Fu Panda 2" upcoming, Microsoft has once again launched a new theme of the film. Like the movie fans to get to their own Windows7 desktop!

longines watches< p > film Kung Fu Panda 2 download Microsoft pushed Windows 7 new theme – Kung Fu Panda 2, the film Kung Fu Panda 2 download "Kung Fu Panda 2" will be in May this year, officially released. In this episode,
26560IO.OO.D002CA.01, Po the panda moved to his hometown in Sichuan, in the movie a lot of beautiful scene are modeled on Qingcheng Mountain. In the first episode, many fans are curious, why is the panda’s father is a duck? The answer may be in "Kung Fu Panda 2". Click to download the "Kung Fu Panda 2" theme –
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Dec 16 2015

In 2012, the destruction of the earth press 2012 national mourning network of hundreds of millions o February 28th news (reporter Wang Ling) in the first month of the lunar new year fifteen China, a global earthquake let "Chile" two words clench heart Chinese hundreds of millions of Internet users. In the face of another human disaster, the Internet is filled with concern and sadness, February 28th news (reporter Wang Ling) in the first month of the lunar new year fifteen China, a global earthquake let "Chile" two words clench heart Chinese hundreds of millions of Internet users. In the face of a human catastrophe, the Internet was filled with concern, sadness, sadness, and more, is a blessing, encouragement,, expectation. As a net friend said, "sink down to the ground, stand up to people"…… Cry: drinking machine flew from my eyes…… Net friend "rain Ming" is a company in Chile, the staff of the company. 27 am local time around 3:30, he just fell asleep soon, with stuffy and violent shaking roar,fashion watches, he woke up. It was about 3 seconds before he realized that it was an earthquake. At that moment, his first thought was not an earthquake, but whether it would trigger a tsunami. Since Chile is near the Pacific coast, if the earthquake triggered a tsunami will cause tens of meters high waves. Soon, shaking becomes more intense,copy bags, but also in the "creak" sound, as if the ceiling will collapse at any time. Drinking fountains flew over the eyes,, the water splashed everywhere. And the debris of glass and concrete. He felt that the 7 floor of his house was directed at the horse, rather than rushing across the building, and he fell off the window. He began to run out. At this time, the door has been deformed, the door and door to bite the door, do not open. He forgot what was the open door, stumbled toward the corridor, from time to time the ear can hear the sound of the water pipe rupture. Outside a dark, can only hear the voice of people talk…… Warmth: until finally the husband and the phone that the Chile earthquake from the news, the first reaction of netizen "Xi Xiaoxi" is her husband in the Chilean capital! "Xi Xiaoxi" view "burning with impatience of the disaster, power outages, mobile phone no signal, some houses collapsed……" Her heart has been down, and quickly picked up the phone to send text messages to her husband, knowing that the phone signal is not, but still want to ask for a lucky. No echo. Hard waiting until 5:32 in the afternoon, finally received her husband’s international long distance calls, all peace! That moment, she cried. At a time when Chile morning, where they will be in shock? What is the situation?…… She has a lot of questions to ask, but because of the high cost of the phone, I have to hang up. Her husband’s safe phone let everyone breathed a sigh of relief, even his son at this time also exceptionally happy. Dinner the whole family together to make dumplings to celebrate the special paper for my parents. At this point, there are friends and family to call to inquire about the situation. Heard all the good news, everyone hanging heart finally put down. Mark: the beautiful city of Concepcion in January 2009, to the Antarctic expedition, netizen "Bo Wu hall" as a special correspondent, via Chile, South, finally flew to the antarctic. Local time 17

Dec 07 2015

Is the accelerator of fast and fast you swim

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to be honest accelerator not a useful, you don’t see their website screenshots, no use,
Longines, they can find garbage station computer test, fast travel online accelerator useful? Then find a good test under, so computer configuration good to be useful, the title fell

to tell the truth, the accelerator is not a useful, you don’t look at their official website of the screenshots, no use,Replica watches for sale, they can find a garbage computer test,

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< p > fast travel online accelerator useful? Then find a good test under,
bag outlet, so computer configuration good to be useful, titles will not fall,
Replica watch, but fast travel quite a lot of people, you basically even not
longines watches,

is fast and fast to swim the net swims a net to swim to swim to swim the accelerator to use the accelerator is really useful? , then jump out of a charge, so the accelerator has nothing to do with

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Nov 21 2015

Thirty thousand yuan to buy a diamond watch this summer workplace upstart promotion major suit!

stainless steel drill table recommended: celebrities Lingni series MOA10071 watch

[reference price] 32300 RMB

< p > as white-collar workplace, not only do you need at any time can be the perfect processing ability,, should have a prominent taste and identity of the watch. If you want to highlight their own unique taste,, you can choose a little small but expensive famous brand,, such as celebrities. Definitely not bad Street watch brand, but a little understanding of the people will watch appreciate your good taste. Not to mention the Lingni series is designed for women to create enough for you, absolutely critically.

[purchase address]

Beijing (shopping

) famous Monopoly

address: Beijing City Shopping Center No. 22 Jianguomenwai Avenue, a layer of

phone: 010-85110922


Shanghai famous Monopoly


, Nanjing East Road, Shanghai City,

phone: 021-63212769

Guangzhou famous Monopoly (Grandview Plaza)

address: Guangzhou Tianhe Road No, 228 Guangzhou Grandview Plaza friendship building

phone: 020-38393294

 , celebrities & nbsp; Lingni series & nbsp; MOA10071 guidance: $32300 applicable to the crowd: Ms. movement type: Quartz Case Material: Diamond Dial shape: round dial color: silver white dial size: 32mm strap material: stainless steel work & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; can: Calendar & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to: parameter configuration watch Gallery celebrities area & gt; & gt; & nbsp;The

statement is reproduced: Pacific women network exclusive Zhuangao, without authorization shall not be reproduced

Nov 09 2015

Watch the election [leading the fashion trend of brand name products _ map] _ watch guide _ fashion

< p > many fashion brands today with a very high spirited attitude in the market Gongchengluede, but it is difficult to make their become the mainstream in the eyes of the media. Most fashion brands are just stuck in order to enrich their own product line, so that more like the choice of accessories, while the real focus on the production of mechanical watches fashion brands, a handful of. Bulgari is regarded as the cross-border development after a leader, after the acquisition of several technology brands, Bulgari is a series of vertical chain integrated, from watchcase, watch chain to the movement are by themselves are in full production.

world famous jewelry CARTIER

recommendation: watch blue balloon series W6900651 watch

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint

!< br / > the perfect fusion of classic and innovative blue balloon Cartier Watch series, like bright stars, beyond imagination, and illuminate the universe. Watch leaders Cartier is a continuation of the essence of innovation, tries their best to offer three new fashion watch masterpiece: Chronograph open passion, speed dial diamond watches reveal Hua Guishe beauty,, thin form a quest trend in the future. Enjoy similar to the wonderful new works, will on the Cartier art master day horse empty imagination to create a new round of "blue balloon" fashion trend. In the world of fantasy saga has been launched. Walk between the classic and futuristic style, familiar with the arc of a strange mixture of results, is a new star in the Galaxy series of Cartire.




PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint


the watch with 42 mm large caliber rose gold case build,, highlights the smooth masculine style. Such as cobblestone like rounded shape, like a weight loss of the ball is suspended on the wrist, with get rid of all the fetters of the natural and unrestrained. Elegant crocodile leather strap,vacheron constantin watch, but will ever be just perfect overall effectively strengthen, three-dimensional effect. On the right side of the spherical sapphire crown, played a role in the finishing touch, let table focus to gather in this,, highlighting the naming of "blue ball". It means the Cartire 049 automatic movement, wheel swing 28800 times per hour, with 42 hours of power storage. Also equipped with 18K rose gold folding buckle, comfortable to wear.

Oct 26 2015

Graduation season love to watch Confessions of love and courage to say [map] _ watch _ famous shoppi

editor: Ms, 3363_4544_55B watch

watch series

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!< p > if this watch is born to love too much, dedicated to the theme of love, more ingenuity to red heart-shaped small second hand to explain and whole form the visual focus falls in the heart-shaped Valentine’s heartbeat of second hand,, lingering and author of star beauty mole and long eyelashes beauty moon dial, tick, tick every minute transfer love, woman flavour is dye in the wood of the fashion design with the tabulation process perfect fusion.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,


this watch from the pointer tip with the birthright of modern women’s romantic style. Table circle perfect mosaic two rings of the diamond,, let Po platinum table classic bicyclic table circle features volleyed dazzling blazes, represent purity and elegance. Bao platinum table tabulation division more boldly the elegant white mother of Pearl facial disc,luxury watches, decorated with Arabic numerals and lively and playful radial standard, and conical hollow pointer, a conflict of interest design and material.

Oct 08 2015

The sublimation of art painted enamel micro art painted beautiful watch [figure] _ watch _ auction _

Patek Philippe model 5131G

< p > June 4, Beijing Poly spring auction of luxury watches and antique clocks special end, a 1.15 million yuan transactions, models for 5131G Patek Philippe "world time" watch will undoubtedly become the spot collectors the most sought after. This watch is first introduced in the 2008 Basel world watch and Jewellery Show, is in the Patek Philippe 5130 world schedule based, add filigree enamel dial and. World time type 5131 with 18 carat gold watch body and a dial, adorn the central to manual filigree enamel map of the world, the wristwatch type can permanent display time of 24 time zones of the world, the device performance, combined with a very simple and convenient adjustment, showing time all over the world is a piece of cake,, called the technology innovation. Watch because it has beautiful filigree enamel dial won the a huge love ENAMEL ART connoisseurs favor, has become a modern watch brand mainstream collection watches.

since the end of the fifteenth Century launch, enamel has become an incomparable exquisite decorative art. Enamel table have been favorites with collectors,, enamel jade moist, the light of jewelry, bone china meticulous,Michele Watches, the most important is this material is timeless, not Oxidation Decoloration, even after hundreds of years, enamel bright colors never fading but, as they escape the law of time, to be forever young.

Sep 24 2015

The dial time reversal reverse jump watch Mystery opened _ _ watch watch small knowledge _

dial time reversal for you to uncover the mystery of inverse jump watch

what is the inverse jump table

< p > "inverse jump" is refers to a way to watch pointer operation, and the traditional circular rotating pointer is not the same, "inverse jump" type of the pointer is one-way walk, when the full scale process instructions, the pointer will instantly return to scale the starting point, and then repeat the process. Therefore, "inverse jump" type of scale for fan and pointer axis in general are done on the edge of the dial, radian scale sector below 180 degrees, typical in 120-150 degrees between.

< p > speaking of inverse jump,, the vast most people naturally will think of the decorative aspects,, after all, "inverse jump" the function itself is very independent, although we cannot let the time reversal, but let backwards a few turns, is not difficult. This is also a lot of people therefore particularize the selling point, but in fact, at the outset, inverse jump table appears in front of one of the reasons is not to satisfy the desire for the human spirit of "return to the past.

dial time reversal for you to uncover the mystery of inverse jump watch

< p > due to watch as a result of the inverse jump device, dial the area can be significantly reduced, which also watches increased other functions provide the space without the use of inverse jump of the device,
Blancpain Watches, all pointers have to do on a rotating shaft, watches a lot of size will be large amplitude increased diameter dial even bigger than your wrist. But since the inverse of this design jump, the design space watch has been a great release. Now, that second hand can realize the inverse jump, even minutes, hours, days and weeks can achieve the inverse jump. We have enumerated in the period that Le Pont des Amoureux of Van Cleef & Arpels, is used in the design of inverse jump.

Sep 18 2015 is show good quality

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the newspaper news (reporter Zhou Hui) recently, many online sellers announced since December cancellation of DFS discount card, explain to them "DFS started the seniority of the strict review of the card." This makes the original plan to visit Hong Kong next month, Hushang many white-collar workers in the Christmas shopping initiation tuiyi,, reporters from< br / > the newspaper news (reporter Zhou Hui) recently, many online sellers announced since December cancellation of DFS discount card, explain to them "DFS started strict review of card credentials." This let Hushang many of the original plan of the next month in Hong Kong to participate in the Christmas shopping for the white-collar workers tuiyi initiation, the reporter learned from the Shanghai some travel agency, this few days registration Christmas shopping tour visitors than usual reduced into 3 or 4.


discount card is not a standard discount card, it is only available to tourists a default preferential way, so the official website of the DFS is not seen on the channel, the use of the card. This card can enjoy discount treatment in DFS duty-free shops, such as packet BUBRRY, Longines watches can enjoy 7.5 fold, L’OCCITANE, Givenchy cosmetics can enjoy preferential discount of 8.5. Therefore, although its validity only for 3 hours, and can only be purchased 18 pieces of skin care products, 18 perfume, crystal home nine, six bags and other harsh, but was shopping the family sought to "go to Hong Kong shopping before will buy a card.

tourbillon4uwatch< p > Longines watches website however, this is a to countless shopping family bring preferential discount card was suddenly announced that the "." Reporters in a famous shopping website to see, as Christmas draws near, went to Hong Kong shopping become white hot topic, but a "DFS discount card cancellation for the" post it in the forum aroused waves Melaleuca, users drying out the network seller: and now you want to do "and DFS card need to travel to prove, so from December will not be able to handle the", DFS started the seniority of the strict review of the card, so the store temporarily closed for all DFS temporary discount card, in the short term will not restore ". Shopping family Miss Zhang said that like this at the end of the year to scan cargo, pronouncing DFS Longines and Gucci, if you can not enjoy preferential discount, at least to cut more than 5000 yuan, the "no discount card to there is no sense of ah!" DFS relevant responsible person said, DFS discount card is the internal welfare, rather than external,, because all aspects of the flow out of the sale is illegal,, the company is dealing with the matter.


< p > Shanghai a travel agency responsible for the veteran told reporters, actually "DFS temporary discount card" is the DFS to internal travel benefits, sometimes guide "borrowed" for visitors to share, but sold on the open market is. More and more strict customs, and suddenly quit the discount card, make a lot of shopping family a bit downhearted. The number of visitors to the number of days to three or four last year."

Sep 17 2015

Want to buy a Rolex watch understand people recommend price from 5 to

        the price between 5 to 70000,, not what series multiple rows C-E translation function does not support this version,, if necessary, please buy the paid version this price can enter the big yacht is appropriate or increase the budget on the Daytona but if you don’t work Qiang Liejian said the price between 5 to 70000, not what series multiple rows C-E translation function does not support this version,, if necessary, please buy the paid version this price can enter the big yacht is appropriate or increase the budget on the Daytona but if you haven’t been to Shanghai so it is strongly recommended that you very good selling models represent the most classic if 4W want to work out the best-selling Rolex may be lost as I have never seen such a cheap ah…….