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        the recent price of portable GPS instruments is getting cheaper; some new products are on the market and some of the old products are reduced in price. Compared with the previous products, the new products do not change much in software and hardware

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Yu Xiaotong height, Yu Xiaotong presents Pajama Party, overcome height, dance strange

        the young man in the dream of Red Mansions is familiar with the audience; Liu Meihan is a young fan of the IME group of Asian women’s day. This pair of 90 artists, so that we fully feel the vitality of young people, as well as advanced psychological maturity and responsibility

is familiar with the role of young Baoyu in the dream of Red Mansions,www.greatwatchperfer.com, and Liu Meihan is a young fan of the Asian women’s day group IME. This pair of 90 artists, so that we fully feel the vitality of young people, as well as ahead of psychological maturity and responsibility to play.


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Yu Xiaotong, Yu Xiaotong, wears a pajama party to overcome the height, wonders of the dance (figure, the legend of the Nani saga), dressed in pajamas, opened the wardrobe at home and broke into the Nani world. In the magic world, they discovered infinite wonder, and they became good friends with the elves, playing games together and discovering new surprises. Yu Xiaotong and Liu Meihan in this dance, full of childlike nature, happy, lively, fun. At the end of the dance, in the chase of the elves, they returned reluctantly from the wardrobe. The whole dance in the street HIP-POP, joined the cattle back, lifting, rotating, rolling and dance movements, indeed for two 90 children increased a lot of difficulty. And the two dressed in Hunan satellite TV ‘s special Pajama dance, many netizens also called a "radiant slumber party".


after the dance, the judges teacher gave a high evaluation. Last week, after the formation of the biggest gap in the history of the dance combination, we all held a sweat. The success of the week has left everyone with a heart down and looking forward to their next dance. The judges said, "you have a particularly fantastic potential. It’s so worrying about your height that it’s going to make a lot of trouble for choreography teachers, but now it seems like nothing at all.". When you fell, small Tong still gently to hold us with, you have to take care of their expression, also can take care of the beauty, but also to take care of their feet, really busy, but is really busy in an orderly, well."