Watch The question I ask to buy the watch so that such

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; I want to buy this watch so think how to ask, I would also like to Taobao to buy, after all, cheaper! Ha ha! So I would like to ask how you feel! This version does not support Chinese-English translation, if necessary, please purchase the paid version Oh, you like me, I want to buy on Taobao I think this watch so ask how, I want to buy in Taobao, after all, cheaper ! Ha ha! So I would like to ask how you feel! This version does not support Chinese-English translation, if necessary, please purchase the paid version Oh,, you like me, I buy in Taobao, I know this very fire, over 10,000 items a. 316D now a new, and I am strongly recommend, because I used, this function would not have said, because it, like Casio and 400+ more (that is, not counting function), so for you is to look outward appearance , because Taobao is the lower price of this Casio also been counterfeiting, it is recommended that you go to the mall to buy. I bought a week ago, called "Ding Chun," the mall, the goods come back marked above the table class Taobao mall NO.1 shop. 316D price is 235, their free shipping, but due to their popularity is the fire, the guests may be a lot of it, so they customer service is very slow (which is very uncomfortable, but the goods really did not say, authentic!) I am a student, not much spending power, can not buy higher brand watches, it is very suitable for my Casio. To pick a desirable table, I looked online for several weeks. Here is my summary of information on a watch forum, hope useful to you: 99% [1 online Casio Casio are parallel in mainland does not authorize any company for online sales, but there’s mainland distributor of getting goods dealers The price is 6.5 fold counter unified price, so a lot of selling online are all 3-5 fold parallel. Many of my friends like to ask is not parallel, in fact, do not ask that he look at the price you can immediately judge. 2. parallel real thing though buy online are parallel, but parallel does not mean that fake, parallel licensed watch itself does not make any difference, all the same out of the factory Casio, quality and workmanship are identical. And watch unlike other electronic products, such as mobile phones parallel need to upgrade software, fonts, etc. to simplified technology, these operations are not factory processed, so the quality will be affected. But watch the difference between the software, the font does not exist, are used around the world with a watch, so are the original operation, parallel imports are also original quality. 3. parallel really cheap Casio pricing strategy because the reason parallel imports cheaper tariff is a small part, but the main thing is different for uniform price set Casio carried around, well-known, Casio mainland counter price is too high And Hong Kong duty-free and watch over there because the more intense competition reasons, Casio in the side of the price is relatively low, note that prices are getting goods dealer prices, rather than simply we can see the Hong Kong market The above prices. Simply put, the mainland price 1000 yuan a watch, Casio to mainland Dealer prices are 65% off, actual equivalent to 650 yuan, while the price for Hong Kong is 800 yuan, to give them the dealer discount is 4%, it is equal to 320 Yuan. 650 and 320, this difference can reach more than half, and so on, I believe that smart friend must be able to know why the Hong Kong over the Internet is cheaper than on the mainland side of the Casio more than half. 4. Go to the high reputation of the seller to buy, do not fake the above reasons, authentic Casio watches prices have been very low, basically you can buy a few hundred pieces, half cheaper than the counter, and the cost of fraud is very high, a lot of Casio When the pointer table are with the measurement function of the movement, and coupled with stainless steel casing and strap, to be modeled in such a low cost of it is impossible, even if made out of profit is very low, and who also would be foolish to do such a thankless thing, my friend said’ve seen fake Casio, but basically spread the goods the level of workmanship and quality at a glance, the difference is great, Casio certainly not the presence of high imitation argument. So generally find high credibility of the seller, they are parallel, but it will not be fake. Because the cost is not fake low quality to even close, online sales is very valued evaluation, do so only in order to guarantee the quality of parallel imports. 5. The parallel is not a lot of friends like UNPROFOR UNPROFOR asked if he could, but it is actually very simple, parallel due to the different channels, and the counter is in the relationship between mainstream competition. Imagine if there is no parallel exists, it can only go to the counter to buy, receive their high-priced, but because there are parallel, we all have a choice, natural counter turnover and profit will be lost. Therefore, from the reasonable, in line to buy the table,, equal to the counter to grab their business, but then let’s get them past the warranty, which is like saying that your competitors customers to buy something, and then you go here to asking for the service, for you are a seller you will be happy it? So, from the perspective of Casio official counters and self-protection point of view, it is certainly not to enjoy the security services in parallel. 6. Only counter Invoices can UNPROFOR that many of my friends asked, many sellers and they would say, just to buy time so that businesses can be opened original invoice UNPROFOR, and a lot of bad JS order to expand sales, will be like this commitments, and even there were many crown, diamond sellers, but based on the above analysis, two hundred and fifty counter is not it so what, you know this trick, they do not know what naive, in fact, they just look invoiced mall name on know that is not part of their counter, because Casio usually only set up special counters in major department stores, like many online invoice with gifts such as **, ** commercial companies and so on, even we have such an outsider at a glance results are not counter invoices, not to mention maintenance people is to eat food that friends? UNPROFOR is necessary to counter the basis of open invoices, such as Wangfujing shopping centers at this level can certainly open up the invoice UNPROFOR, but this level of the mall is very standard invoicing process, to let him help a large-scale parallel open UNPROFOR invoice, is certainly possible. So buy online, do not spend hundreds of dollars to buy fake invoices, and bought a can not UNPROFOR, not as simply paid when repair, not a few ten. More than dozens of pieces of a big problem, not as re-buy a new one. 7. UNPROFOR 95% less than the Casio watches are popular mainly lies in its reliable, durable, usually with a few years is not a problem, at most two or three years after the change Reap battery to In one year the probability of human damage is very, very low. This is why many online sellers of bad faith, the courage to cheat, as long as casually with the invoice can UNPROFOR, because this line will know that Casio watches a year simply will not be bad, so in the end can not UNPROFOR are not people will go to test, and even if there are not a few people to test the UNPROFOR, they can also be said to be due to the policy of your local service point is rather special, the rest can all be insured, so you have no way to field to test, so please never believe JS linked insurance commitments. 8. Warranty can find large distributors or directly get paid maintenance repair has been said above, even parallel, is the real thing, so parallel distributors also ask Casio agent getting goods there, especially the size of the large distributors, and the closer the relationship between the agent, they can have getting goods channel will naturally have a warranty channels, so buy online must find the strength of large sellers, so the warranty is guaranteed. Or you can pay it directly to maintenance repairs, maintenance point is to do business, they are not just repair Casio, what table gave the repair, as long as you pay, so that not too worry about warranty issues. Of course, the Casio generally not bad,, no matter where you buy, the quality is reliable, used friends should be very clear.] Finally, I wish you a pleasant online shopping, O (∩_∩) O haha ​​~ given a link or model label.

What is my current one geneve watches Vacheron Constantin watches,

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; my existing one Vacheron Constantin watches, one side in English geneve, I do not know what that means, please have EENOW who answer for me, thank you that version does not support Chinese-English translation, if necessary , Please purchase the paid version geneve word Geneva meaning day my existing piece of Vacheron Constantin watches, one side in English geneve, I do not know what that means,, please have EENOW who answer for me, thank you that version does not support Chinese, translation, if necessary, please purchase the paid version geneve Geneva when the word meant, Geneva is a famous city in Switzerland I have not heard the name of your watch, I’m certainly not the Swiss Top Ten Lists! Here is the Swiss watch Information: Audemars Audemars Piguet, Brown sent Egypt Blancpain, Breguet Breguet, Cartier Cartier, Chopard Chapard, Corum Corum, Girard Perregaux Girard-Perregaux, IWC IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre Jaeger leCoultre, Patek Philippe Patek Philippe, Piaget Piaget, Rolex Rolex, Athens Ulysse Nardin, Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin. (Due to transliteration is not uniform, it is suffix in English). They all have noble descent, prominent position, glorious history there is high social status. Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet 1875, Audemars Piguet Audemars and Piguet two young founder, in 1881 officially registered "Audemars Biguet & amp; Cie" Audemars Piguet factory. Audemars Piguet has been obsessed with the art of watchmaking, with endless creativity and unique vision, focus on development of ultra-thin mechanical parts, such as ringing Planner, Sun Moon Star break, time stopwatch, dual time display, temperature gauges and compass, etc. , create a sophisticated mechanical watch, the award-winning. In 1889 at the Tenth International Watch Fair in Paris, Audemars Piguet Grand Complication Tuo exhibition table, have asked the table, needle timer and calendar features long-lasting, exquisite design attracted a great response, fame, renowned for Audemars Piguet in the table altar set a lofty position. In 1972, the introduction of an all-steel sports watch models, called "Royal Oak" (Royal Oak), immediate sensation altar table, have become classics. Today, Audemars Piguet for its remarkable achievements, deep respected watch connoisseurs and collectors. Audemars Piguet watch company in Switzerland with schools to develop the necessary clock watch industry professionals. An apprentice must first complete a four-year schools in the watch program, in order to obtain qualified watchmaker’s qualifications, but to become an Audemars Piguet’s master, you must be more to spend two years to be eligible. Brown sent Egypt Blancpain 1735 years, the world did not have Bo waves to send Egyptian quartz watch; in the future, it will not. Similarly Blancpain watches will not be square. Bo waves to send Egyptian, is the world’s oldest table name. The world’s most complex, most versatile hand mechanical watch –Blancpain Brown sent Egypt (Blancpain) 1735 watch. Set in today’s world of mechanical watches all six of complex mechanical functions in one: ultra-thin self-winding movement, double pointer returned to time, Tourbillon, always ask three functions, perpetual calendar and moon phase function. Research and development in this table for six years, the watchmaker take a year and a half time to make one, currently the world’s only three watchmakers can make this complicated watch. It is priced at 6.36 million yuan. Breguet Breguet 1747 Breguet Nasha Tai was born in Switzerland, most of his time living in Paris, and numerous great invention to create life, he was active in the watch industry for each category, a series of breakthroughs that his career continue to climb the peak, such as improved auto-table, ring the bell with the invention chime clock spring; and shock devices, and the like; and simple neo-classical design of more surprises to the people. 1823, Breguet’s death, his descendants there are some masterpieces. In modern times, the fifth generation descendant of Breguet made in the fifties watch timing function has returned. Einstein and writer Breguet Tchaikovsky was a loyal user. Breguet many called for the king of the table, respect Breguet is the father of modern watchmaking, appropriately. World historical figures such as King Louis XVI, king of France Marie Anthony Tsar Alexander I, Queen Victoria, the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, William I of Prussia, directly caused by US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, although not at the same time with each other, but have a common bond, that is all for the love of Breguet table. Cartier
Cartier watches only non-Swiss brand, which illustrates their money’s worth. Cartier family in the mid-19th century is famous for the famous French jewelry gold and silver jewelry manufacturers. Louis Cartier was the popular royal dignitary appreciated the gold craftsmen. In 1888, Cartier try the gold bracelet set with diamonds, machinery and women’s table. 1904, as an old friend of Santos (SANTOS) to manufacture a run started a gold watch. Since then, Cartier watches, high society has been a pet, long lasting. Cartier in addition to some by the manufacturing plant in Paris, there are a considerable number of Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe Jaeger Lijiang Constantin watch company in Europe and other famous companies signed special. Molding process so its function can be described as gather knowledge, a blend of the essence, so world wide. With international brands Cartier Group Advantage, production and sales of high-end jewelry, won the nobility and the wealthy favor. Chopin Chapard founded in 1860. It can be described in jewelry watchmaker, brilliant Geneva watch industry who make a significant contribution. The brand’s products are all manufactured in the plant Chopard, production process in strict precision, the quality of high level. All this praise collectors and enthusiasts. Happy Sport jewelry table is a wonderful combination of diamonds and sapphires compose a beautiful dream leaning Rhapsody, it has become a classic of jewelry for the table. Corum Corum young and unstoppable brand, has been awarded the European and American Swiss Top Ten Lists, so the bird can get fame in a short period of time sufficient to prove their extraordinary strength. Admiral’s Cup watch, meteorites series table,, Arlequin series jewelry table, have already become the object of pursuit. Girard Perregaux Girard-Perregaux was founded in 1791. More than two centuries, Girard-Perregaux table inexhaustible creativity, excellent reputation, non-overnight can get. Thanks to numerous outstanding watchmakers behind, from generation to generation,, efforts to fine watchmaking tradition can be carried forward up to today world-respected position. GP logo to the number of people dumping. A commemorative 205 anniversary of the creation of three Golden Bridge Tourbillon Chronograph good interpretation of everything. IWC IWC IWC IWC was founded in 1868, the watch 130 years of history. Is the founder of Boston engineer Foluolunting & middot; Jones (. FlorentineA Jones), he founded the Swiss mechanical watchmaking factories of the earliest in the factory on the Rhine, the realization of his new vision to replace part of a mechanical artificial ━ manufacture more accurate parts, then assembled leading the table by division into extraordinary table. IWC IWC in recent years, growth up to 500 percent, the results have been amazing. IWC logo is IWC, is the nations table company (The International) abbreviation. This universally recognized Swiss watch brand, is an internationally recognized manufacturer of precision mechanical core of experts, the production of movement, universally rare match. IWC Da Vinci series is iconic classic. Jaeger LeCoultre Jaeger leCoultre the predecessor company in 1883 by Charles and Adams & middot; Anthony & middot; pull off test watch company founded. He invented the measurement accuracy can be accurate to 1/1000 mm micron meter, so watch parts machining accuracy greatly improved. Gold Medal at the 1851 World’s Fair held in Renton. About 90 years later, the pull off test grandson – David pull off test reached a partnership with the French manufacturer of precision navigation timer Edmond Jaeger. 1992 product family to create a Guinness record 2 micro-movement so that the table (1 order = 2.256 mm), shaking the watch industry. In 1953, Queen Elizabeth II, is wearing a full-platinum set with diamonds, so that the table 2 product family. The twenties and thirties, Jaeger-LeCoultre polo player designed to shock, impact resistant flip the table became a signature series product family, enduring. In 1982 the company developed the ATMOS clock to create another brilliant product family. Patek Philippe Patek Philippe construction in 1839. Table average retail price of $ 13,000 to $ 20,000. The company is one of the only truly independent Swiss watchmakers, from beginning to end is their own production, to train a PATEK PHILIPPE (Patek) watchmaker take 10 years. One in 1933 for the United States, a banker custom watches, and now its price up to $ 11 million. This watch has 24 kinds of features, design time spent 3 years with 5 years before they are made. A table for eight years, which is what a fine sense. With such a strong sense of the company since its inception more than a century and a half, the total output is only about 600,000. Commendable is Patek Philippe never became popular because the market made one. The plant has a secret workshop, over a hundred years to maintain a tradition, each year only a hand-made product, its price is about 30 million yuan, and who will receive only watch, wait at least 8-10 years. Patek Philippe several times by the Hong Kong and Taiwan, the first expert antique table ranking the world’s top ten. Piaget Piaget Piaget watches among the first-class ranks, or the late 1940s things. Today, many prominent families rich woman aspire to the top table, in its take-off, has gone through nearly a century of development. Piaget, founder Qiao Jess. Bailey Egypt, in 1874 established a watchmaking jobs room, his 14 children to organize the movement of other watch company, but also to count the company’s brand product whole finished form local market sales. Slim-type machine operation device, prominent achievements is the history of the legendary watch industry. In addition to the mechanical operation of the leading original equipment outside, PIAGET design thoughts are people of belief, all are bound case and bracelet with 18K gold or platinum casting, surface design is colorful, unique, count Useful precious stones such as lapis lazuli, coral, mother of pearl, Tiger Eye, agate and other carved surface decoration, Gorgeous, gorgeous, amazing. Piaget diamond gem is simply table. "You count table from the time point of view, are enjoying a supreme treasure." Rolex Rolex is probably a sign that you are most familiar. Rolex company was formerly W & amp; D companies. By the German Hans & middot; Wise Astoria with the British Davis in 1905 (Guangxu 31 years) in Renton partnership. 1908, Wise Astoria La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland registered the Rolex trademark, W & amp; D this to Rolex. Rolex was the first sign of a stretched fingers of the hand, it represents the brand’s watches entirely crafted by hand. After gradually evolved into a registered trademark of the crown, to show their dominance in the watch area. Rolex is the world’s 10 most valuable brands the first three, the only watch brand. 1920s, Rolex fully developed first waterproof watch. In 1926, Rolex’s water table formally registered. Rolex watch design has been in a solemn, practical, not flashy loved by all walks of life, especially those in the Far East and the Middle East. Athens Ulysse Nardin 1846, the 23-year-old Ulysse Nardin, founded his own watchmaking company name. With accurate and reliable technology to win the praise, since fame. In the 150 years of watchmaking history, Athens has been identified as experts in manufacturing marine chronometer. Athens marine chronometer is listed as historically the most reliable and most accurate timepieces, it has not only remained a global collection for the house to collect, but the Navy has designated more than 50 world clock. Athens in 1985 launched Trilogy astronomical watch series, this series of unique treasures triple altar table, not only redefines the timepiece, but will create established a clear relationship between the stars and the time of time, the whole solar system do show up in trilogy when the total. After the advent of widely admired, soon to be in the Guinness Book of World Records Index. Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1775 (Qing Emperor Qianlong 20 years), there are 247 years of history, is the world’s oldest and longest running brand-name watches. Other watches the early 18th century has not been born, it has become Europe’s royal nobles cherished. The company founder is the philosopher Jean & middot; Mark & ​​middot; Vacheron (Jean Marc Vacheron), but also a good friend of Rousseau and Voltaire. Vacheron Constantin produces only a year more than 20,000 tables, only just worth collecting, is the true sense of the nobility of art. Status of the altar table in a more even in the Patek Philippe. Swiss national emblem like the Crusaders mark on the dial, is already taste, status, and a symbol of wealth. Regardless of the past or today, Vacheron Constantin has always play a key role in the history of the Swiss watchmaking industry. In alphabetical order, Vacheron Vacheron always rearward, Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe Patek Philippe, Breguet Breguet

CASIO Casio Casio watches multifunction temperature dual display MRP-702D-

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; CASIO Casio multifunction temperature dual display MRP-702D-7A4VCASIO Casio G-SHOCK speed dual display Racing Table AW-591TM-8ADRCASIO [DURO 200] series sports fashion dual display leisure table MDV-701-1A1VCASIO dual display multifunction three table – black face plate red AQ-163W-1B2CASIO Casio Casio CASIO dual display multifunction temperature MRP-702D-7A4V CASIO Casio G-SHOCK dual display car speed meter AW-591TM-8ADR CASIO [DURO 200] Casual sports fashion series dual display table MDV-701-1A1V CASIO dual display multifunction three table – black face plate red AQ-163W-1B2 CASIO Casio Analogue quartz dual display pointer Series Men’s Watch AMW-709L-5A I fancy top 5 watches, I do not know which one to buy,, we guide guidance. THX! This version does not support Chinese-English translation,
Cartier watches, if necessary,
watch4ufree, please purchase the paid version CASIO Casio G-SHOCK dual display car speed meter AW-591TM-8ADR my personal opinion – because I like

Now I’m going to buy Rolex need to how much be at least

        you have a look to the beautiful orange industry, where they are full, they watch manufacturers, low prices,, good service,, three days! Search 88680 is that they have a look you to 10 tens of thousands of beautiful orange industry,, where they are full, they watch manufacturers, low prices, good service, three days! Search 88680 is their 10 tens of thousands.

Rolex (ROLEX) electronic form it has a very good friend

        have a good friend,, send two pieces of electronic form, written on the surface of ROLEX 23K 30M is very exquisite workmanship. But I have some doubts. Rolex electronic watch? Chinese English translation function does not support this version, if necessary, please buy the paid version not out. In the beginning, the Japanese electronics have a good friend,, send two pieces of electronic form, written on the surface of ROLEX 23K 30M is very exquisite workmanship. But I have some doubts. Rolex electronic watch? Chinese English translation function does not support this version, if necessary, please buy the paid version not out. In the original Japanese electronic watches, Swiss watches to seize the world had suffered a complete defeat. Swiss watch factory was hit on the banner, but not a small Japanese electronic watches and quartz watch, so later played the inheritance process of hundred years do main, diamonds,, the tradition of noble and elegant, occupy the high-end market, and separated from the Japanese market. No, Rolex at least 10 thousand yuan of above, you said your electronic watch, what place value of tens of thousands of

How to find a watch Today, to test, need to watch time to watch,

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to have a test today and need to watch at the time,
Omega replica, a few days ago still, today can not find, I heard that Baidu ask will be able to know the answer, who knows my watch where, urgent need, online answer. This version does not support Chinese English translation, if there is a need to have a test today and need to watch at the time, a few days ago still,
IWC Watches, today can not find, I heard that Baidu ask will be able to know the answer, who knows my watch where,, urgent need, online answer. This version does not support Chinese English translation, if necessary, please buy version of the charges for the magnet, in their own house ceiling about it! You still go to the clock shop to buy a relatively fast

How to choose the watch husband immediately birthday, I want to send his wrist

Omega replica,如有需要 老公马上就生日了,我想送他腕表,3千元以内的,时间马上到了,因平日没有在意这些而让我始终没有一点头绪,希望大家提供些建议,十分感谢该版本不支持汉英翻译功能,如有需要,,请购买收费版第一,手表要时尚,要美观, 第二,质量.带个识货的人一起买 第三,保障,手表的保障,毕竟不是一元两元的东西, 第四 价格,尽量做到 物美 ,价格有合适,手表这东西商家的利韵是非常可观的,可以先看看什么手表,什么型号,然后出高分在白度.或者soso上问它的价格,,我回答你着问题也就是冲你的高分来的, 分给我把 送老公的东西,,,,自己想着把,,姐 I have a good love for your husband, the metal series of CASIO is good, your price can buy good,, fashion and stable

Excuse me, my Longines machine automatic watch that often steal in recent months

        often in the evening to steal to stop,, every time about stealing about for an hour or so. Maybe you don’t have enough exercise. When you don’t have enough exercise,, you can often steal a few times by hand when you do. Every time you steal about to steal about a time. Maybe you don’t have enough exercise. If you don’t feel the amount of movement you can do it manually.

CASIO Casio store in Beijing where there is. And I

        CASIO store in Beijing.. And I detailed the better the version does not support Chinese English translation,
IWC Watches, if necessary, please buy version of the charges Beijing kang’anxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. all. Reserved hotline: /51798606/68729154/68463818/684 Casio in Beijing there have a physical store. And I detailed the better the version does not support Chinese English translation, if necessary,, please buy version of the charges Beijing kang’anxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. all. Reserved hotline: /51798606/68729154/68463818/68463820 turn (Saturday, duty calls: 13701222995) Beijing ICP,
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CASIO EF-524D-7A of true and false CASIO this Taobao shop only sold

        EF-524D-7A the CASIO a Taobao store selling only 248 but the shop is double crown reputation for…. C-E translation function does not support this version,, if necessary,
my-watchstore, please buy Premium. I’ll give you a Casio website up have a look ~ ~ EF-524D-7A this CASIO a Taobao shop but the shop is sold only 248 double crown reputation for…. C-E translation function does not support this version, if necessary,
Bluetooth SMART color LED speaker light, please buy Premium. I’ll give you a Casio website ~ up have a look ~ you can enter the model have a look Is it right? ~ I really looked at the seemingly false ~ under your own confirmation there are many ~ ~ Taobao crown store is out of the brush or go to the store to buy the best ~ ~ ~ ~ good for reference only Casio sold more than 200 of the only child with a kind of small doll table. The most basic to more than 500 should be false