Longines orchid painting series

        Longines orchid painting series watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch Longines Evidenza collection,www.finest-watch-sale.com, the inspiration from the table in 1925 Longines launched design table paragraph, the representative of the barrel shape is derived from the Longines watch 1911 the invention,www.watchsaleprice.com, watches itself depicts 1920’s spirit both in aesthetics and style big change of connotation; therefore since 2003 and pushed out, ad hoc global volume, with a few years this elegant agitation barrel. In 2006, Longines table barrel type watch to Archive Series timeless classic as starting, launched two painting series,www.watchonlysale.com, the painting art and meaningful tonneau watch making collocation wonderful design,www.watchonhere.com, presentation is appropriate today, classic eternal watch artistic elegance!

2008 new members of the OMEGA Museum Series

        2008 OMEGA Museum Series a new member of the Swiss watch brand,www.aphublot.com, brand watches, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch " Racend Timer "watch sports timing history to salute the OMEGA Museum Collection (The Museum Collection) marks the outstanding contribution made for OMEGA Sports timing No. 8" Racend Timer "watch. In 1949, OMEGA introduced the world’s first end optical camera Racend Timer was first used in the sports events, successfully resolved the athletes of collective line when it is difficult to distinguish the outcome of the problem.   OMEGA has made brilliant achievements have been the focus of world revered in sports timing domain,www.watchsaleprice.com, this watch is to end optical camera Racend Timer tribute, embodies the perfect technical connotation and aesthetic design concepts. "Racend Timer" watch with the OMEGA 3201 movement, the coaxial escapement device and free sprung balance to ensure the watch long run precision and reliability. This timer by the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certification, has high precision vertical wheel timing device. Case diameter 39 mm and bezel material are 18 K red gold texture, smooth polished by scrub. Hour and minute hands by the same red gold manufacturing. 18 K red gold buckle style table back through the smooth polished,www.watchonlysale.com, decorated with Museum unique series of patterns and limited edition number. "Racend Timer" watch dial for the silver white. Through the anti reflective treatment sapphire crystal mirror, dial details clearly visible. The dial is also provided with a red and blue pulse meter tachometer. OMEGA Museum Series No. 8 "Racend Timer" watch the use of brown crocodile leather strap,http://www.perfer4uwatch.com, with 18K Pink Gold folding clasp the smooth polished. Global 1949 Limited Edition gold.

Radar watch official web site

        radar watch official web site name,http://www.aphublot.com, the Swiss watch brand,www.watchsaleprice.com, mechanical watches,www.watchonhere.com, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,www.aphublot.com, sapphire watches Rado radar table / price / Radar website / Radar table pictures / Radar table quotation / Swiss radar table price / Radar table model / Swiss radar quotation / site / radar radar table table table repair / Beijing / Hongkong radar radar table monopoly / Radar table Chinese official website / Radar table 160.0282.3/ Beijing radar table / Radar table history / Radar table / Radar table profile / Radar watch how much / Radar table identification / Radar table true / Radar table series / Radar table types of query / Radar table Beijing repair / fine imitation of radar table / radar meter serial number / Radar table official net / Radar table 120.0281.3/ radar watch official web site www.rado.ch 

IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar IWC Portuguese perpetual calendar

        IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar IWC Portuguese perpetual calendar watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar IWC Portuguese perpetual calendar



five hundred years of sun and moon as in the confusion between the change of surface


Run with the sun and the moon and the stars

the universe of galaxies change, not only is pulling the time change,www.aphublot.com, also became a gauge in all lives. This secret was deeply attracted tabulation artisans, attempting to use complex astronomical almanac, through the combined gear screw,http://www.aphublot.com, precision grasp the natural pulse. Continue to seek breakthroughs in the IWC table des Nations, with superb skills to create a faithful rendering of the phases of the moon can change five hundred and seventy-seven years of Portuguese perpetual calendar Portuguese perpetual calendar, the southern and Northern Hemisphere moon phase display window is out of the world’s first patent, as will the sun and the moon for concentrated in the heart surface, and nature with the relief. Www.biao168.com

seventy years ago, IWC IWC Portuguese watch to the first team to create a large surface and elegant style, has since become meaningful watches brand. Now, the new Portuguese watch not only add the profit and loss phase accuracy warlords display novel and the northern and southern hemispheres moon phase display window, will be more well-known seven day power reserve display and five hundred years zero error calendar display together into the same surface,www.watchsaleprice.com, jump on the calendar mechanical watch crown. Www.biao168.com


iwc portugieser perpetual calendar www.biao168.com

published in Taiwan

Bi monthly profit and loss to expose the top table phase art www.biao168.com

compared with other calendar, large surface Portugal series provide the phase of the moon calendar design space larger, so, IWC Wan Guobiao to gear number more, greatly improve the accuracy of the phases of the moon performance, accurate operation five hundred and seventy-seven years later, it may produce error. Astronomers say, the moon around the earth one week, a total of 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes and 3 seconds, but for the most part with the phases of the moon’s watch, only spent 12 hours 29 days to complete the phases of the moon, so every 32 months appeared time error. Www.biao168.com


        Vacheron Constantin BRACELET LADIES WATCH watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,www.omega-moon.com, ultra-thin couples watches,http://www.watchonhere.com, quartz watches,www.finest-watch-sale.com, sapphire watches watch strap clings to the woman’s wrist to surround the three circle way, through the process of jewelry Jiangxinduju piece, form the telescopic strap. After the movement carefully decorated,www.watchsaleprice.com, equipped with side discharge escapement device. The golden number and stars, plus gold pointer dial, make more lively.

The OMEGA 160 anniversary commemorative edition watch released constellation

        OMEGA 160 anniversary commemorative edition watch released constellation watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,http://www.aphublot.com, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches constellation commemorative watch, OMEGA 160 years to the superb tabulation historical tribute       after the new flagship store opening ceremony, OMEGA Beijing Hotel Raffles banquet hall held 160 Anniversary Commemorative Edition OMEGA constellation watch enjoy the show, and the guests and media friends tasting watch masterpiece.       the wonderful interpretation models, 160 Anniversary Commemorative Edition OMEGA constellation watch more than half a century of classic quality and innovative luxury style to the extreme show dripping wet,http://www.watchonlysale.com, it can not help but exclaim OMEGA inheritance of tradition and innovation of top brand connotation.       self brand in 1848 birth date, design, OMEGA has been committed to the top watch & Jewelry of the courage to challenge, committed to innovation, make the brand through a long time still lead the trend. Constellation series launched in 1952, representatives of OMEGA outstanding achievement is the tabulation of fully deserve to become the most popular, the world watch series, in the watch world in the vast sky bloom eternal light. In 2008, OMEGA will be the hallmark watch series of new interpretation, with dazzling diamonds inlaid in the hour scale on blooming, shine, be the best present for 160 years OMEGA exquisite watchmaking history.       OMEGA 160 anniversary commemorative edition of the women in the constellation design show dazzling but not exaggerated low-key luxury design style, constellation series Star emblem logo on the dial surrounded by exquisite Arabia patterns of radioactive, like the sparkling stars. The table back continue constellation series tradition,www.watchsaleprice.com, etching a constellation series famous Observatory insignia — observatory dome with 8 stars, "160 years" (160 anniversary) words are etched on the upper part of the pattern.       OMEGA 160 anniversary commemorative edition of the men’s constellation is the constellation in the first using OMEGA 2500 automatic movement watch. The movement with the revolutionary coaxial escapement devices and free sprung balance, ensure the accuracy and reliability of long-term operation, dynamic storage for up to 48 hours. In order to show the process of coaxial escapement charm, mens watch back especially selected transparent design,www.vipwatchmall.com, make the internal series take in everything in a glance, only the "160 years" (160 anniversary) words etched on the back on full transparent table.

TAG Heuer TAG Heuer &The Departed departed Link and Matt Damon

        TAG Heuer & The Departed TAG Heuer; Infernal Affairs: Link and Matt Damon alongside brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches two A chess player meets his match. undercover, battle of wits! They are mired in their dual identity, undercover ambush penetration, other organizations collect intelligence and trading plan, one of the leading man of the Matt Damon hand wear TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Link, will fight with him. Oscar won the next blockbuster film "Infernal Affairs", directed by Oscar gold medal director Martin Scorsese, and invited Leonardo DiCaaprio, Matt Damon two idol star and actor Jack Ni Co Xun starred! The director will give tit for tat is the character in the movie and mutual cooperation for the plot, in friendship techniques interwoven in the play, coupled with realistic violence, gang struggle will write to all threads neatly tied up. The departed will background story moved to South Boston, a police officer and Irish Mafia of long-term confrontation. Young undercover police officer Billy (Leonardo DiCaaprio decoration) was assigned by the gang boss Frank Kasitaluo mixed (Jack Ni Co Xun decoration) led the underworld organization; at the same time, a gangster Colin (Matt Damon ornaments), is also set up in Boss meal latent state police "elite squad". When the police and the underworld on both sides are aware of the existence of the spy, Billy and Colin two people is in danger of edge may be killed as a result of exposure at any time, in order to save themselves, they must strike first to gain the initiative,http://www.finest-swiss-watch.com, rush at each other before, to expose the identity of the other party. Whether Matt Damon or in the play is played by Colin,www.watchsaleprice.com, love to wear the tag heuer Link silver quartz watch, its bold enthusiasm,www.watchonhere.com, self challenge, the pursuit of achievement sufficient undoubtedly exposed, are fully compliant with the TAG Heuer TAG Heuer brand spirit; coupled with excellent acting on Matt Damon and refined extraordinary performance, high visibility the world famous movie stars make known to every family has been laid, the acting fatal attraction, he sends deep in love qualities, exquisite, most incisive display this watch traits.   TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Link series of unique "shape motion and elegant combination", will be the perfect watch noble temperament show,http://www.watch4usale.com, and has its legendary characteristics of high degree of recognition of S shaped table bracelet with clean lines, full of sense of movement, to bring out the beauty and power of the stainless steel material, wherein the strap of the whole compatibility strong, close links and flat connection strap, showing a smooth, flawless sense of line; as Link means connecting general, TAG Heuer will design aesthetics and precision watchmaking technology as a whole, a form of expression and become a fashion design makes the movement of spirit, Link series of steady and reserved exterior, is a full social elite with wrist watch.   TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Link quartz Mens / diameter 39mm / NT$48900 &nbs0 pricing

Rolex oyster perpetual watch giant Explorer II seldom appears

        Rolex oyster perpetual watch giant Explorer II rarely appear "accidental" brand watches, Swiss watch brand,www.luxuryladywatch.com, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch model 16550, was made in 1987, product phase is good, dual time zone, stainless steel case, rotary table the back and crown, ivory white dial, cal.3085 rhodium plated movement, shock absorber lever escapement,, case diameter 40 mm. Comment: for this table using the ivory white dial, most people still think it is Rolex a little "mistakes" caused in the production, design the original Rolex is white dial. May also be because of this reason,www.watchonhere.com, the watch was sold is not much,www.aphublot.com, it is because of this reason, the only result of this watch in the current market popular momentum, collectors are collecting the clock giants rarely appear "accidental fall over each other to". After all, life appear trite and insignificant days long, everyone needs some "unexpected" surprise to adjust — of course,www.watchsaleprice.com, "unexpected" and "blow". The financial tsunami makes some people downhearted at the same time, also give more people to inject a needle stimulants. The reality is that, even in this grim economic situation there is still a lot to clinch a deal price table, the tsunami "goers" or no lack of such people. Rolex oyster perpetual Explorer II $10000-15000 $10200 valuation prices

Star sea watch wonderful interpretation of Jaeger Le Coulter

        brilliant deduction sea star Jaeger Le Coulter watches brand watches,www.finest4uwatch.com, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,www.finest-swiss-watch.com, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch     September 22nd Hongkong, afternoon 3 when, Tsim Sha Tsui, Maritime Building, a watch series press conference, to tie in with the sea,www.watchsaleprice.com, land, empty series of new watches general assembly, special arrangements for three guests,http://www.watchonlysale.com, Jiang Yi Alex Fong and Wu Jialong to armed form of deduction, Jiang Yi holds a surfboard, Alex Fong driving electric bicycle, Wu Jialong hanging in mid air etc..

Simple treatment method after several watch water

        several watch water after simple treatment method name, the Swiss watch brand,www.luxuryladywatch.com, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch     method, watches as wet,www.breitling-heuer.com, can use a few layers of toilet paper or hygroscopic flannel table tight package tight, put in a 40 watt bulb, near about 15 centimeters, bake about 30 minutes, in the table can be moisture vapor. Avoid by all means will watch watch near the fire directly baking, so as not to make the table have thermal deformation. Method two, the table Montsone, pan outwards, anti worn on the wrist, the elimination of moisture can be two hours later. If the water is serious, the best immediately sent to watch shop brush oil, clear the movement of moisture,www.watchsaleprice.com, in order to avoid the parts rust. Method three,www.watchonhere.com, using granular silica gel and has water watch together into a closed container, a few hours later, remove the watch, the water will all disappear. This method is simple and economic, the precision and life table were not any damage. Already many times after absorbing water in the silica gel, drying at 120 deg.c for several hours, the water absorbing capacity of renewable, can be repeatedly used. Data processing: Watch