Sep 24 2015

The dial time reversal reverse jump watch Mystery opened _ _ watch watch small knowledge _

dial time reversal for you to uncover the mystery of inverse jump watch

what is the inverse jump table

< p > "inverse jump" is refers to a way to watch pointer operation, and the traditional circular rotating pointer is not the same, "inverse jump" type of the pointer is one-way walk, when the full scale process instructions, the pointer will instantly return to scale the starting point, and then repeat the process. Therefore, "inverse jump" type of scale for fan and pointer axis in general are done on the edge of the dial, radian scale sector below 180 degrees, typical in 120-150 degrees between.

< p > speaking of inverse jump,, the vast most people naturally will think of the decorative aspects,, after all, "inverse jump" the function itself is very independent, although we cannot let the time reversal, but let backwards a few turns, is not difficult. This is also a lot of people therefore particularize the selling point, but in fact, at the outset, inverse jump table appears in front of one of the reasons is not to satisfy the desire for the human spirit of "return to the past.

dial time reversal for you to uncover the mystery of inverse jump watch

< p > due to watch as a result of the inverse jump device, dial the area can be significantly reduced, which also watches increased other functions provide the space without the use of inverse jump of the device,
Blancpain Watches, all pointers have to do on a rotating shaft, watches a lot of size will be large amplitude increased diameter dial even bigger than your wrist. But since the inverse of this design jump, the design space watch has been a great release. Now, that second hand can realize the inverse jump, even minutes, hours, days and weeks can achieve the inverse jump. We have enumerated in the period that Le Pont des Amoureux of Van Cleef & Arpels, is used in the design of inverse jump.

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