Sep 25 2015

The one and only 330000 Euro Lange Tourbillon watch [figure] _ _ auction _ fashion watch _ Pacific w

33 million euro unique

< p > auction house known Dr. crott in May 2012 on 12 sham Frankfurt held the 85th auction, a unique and precious Lange watch at a high price clinch a deal. This medal match TOURBILLON trumpet platinum watchcase and black dial "pour le M & eacute; rite" for the first time in 1996 sold,
Chopard Watches, to Dr. crott the 85th auction will to high net worth to find new owners.

The one and only

33 million euros Lange tourbillon

< p > 5 December, this gold TOURBILLON "pour le M & eacute; rite" at the Frankfurt auction to 330000 euros price changes hands,, auction price far than the famous auction house Dr. crott expert valuation is high. In fact, the sale price was a rare masterpiece,, almost five times more than the retail price in 1996.

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