Sep 21 2015

Time Rotonde de Cartier notes floating Tourbillon table [figure] asked three _ watch _ auction _ fas

time notes de Cartier Rotonde floating type of the three asked table



asked three watches not only focus on visual aesthetics,, pay more attention to the aesthetic feeling of voice. As a high-quality instruments, this delicate mechanical timepiece from wonderful a moving notes,Breitling watch, is the real art masterpieces. So in order to exciting, ignited a passion,Tag Heuer Watch, watch workshop of the entire production team need to re-examine all Timekeeping Technology from a scientific point of view, especially the processes related to the three questions watch.

time notes de Cartier Rotonde floating type of the three asked table

A new perspective on the theory of sound propagation in

Rotonde de Cartier asked three watch is outstanding achievement five years for acoustic research of watch. It was thought that centuries of accumulated knowledge is enough. However, with the improvement of quality requirements, and today’s watch design and scientific analysis of continuous development, exposed the many shortcomings of timekeeping technology. So Cartier R & D department to grasp the nettle, Cartier core R & D team redefined the question three watches acoustic assessment of basic scientific basis. We can compare the acoustic wave to a circular wave which is caused by a pebble falling into the water.

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