Sep 24 2015

Watch how to deal with the magnetic _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s


< p > all kinds of permanent magnet in electric appliance is also widely used,, typical is the speaker and the motor, magnet and DC magnetic field are able to magnetic steel or hard magnetic materials. Machinery. There are a lot of steel material, such as size steel wheel, escapement wheel, gear shaft tenoning, bearings, screws and gossamer, when gossamer after magnetization, watches will soon stop not to walk. By the magnetization of the watch may not see any problem in the short term, but a long time, will become more and more slowly.

to determine whether the magnetic field of the watch

watch the magnetic field of the general situation is to go fast,, the serious will stop to go. If gossamer ring between the suction stick together, watch the walk faster, about 2 hours / days, the steel member is most easily magnetized, including the escapement wheel and an escapement fork, and gossamer, magnetic influence and interfere with the balance of the oscillation cycle. Now daily life, strong magnetic field can be seen everywhere, the most typical is the leather buckle, the thing is the majority of aluminum iron boron do, magnetic is very big, there are a variety of electrical appliances, so that the watch is easy to be unconsciously magnetized.

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